The Bustard’s Third Rule – kids v nukes

The Bustard’s Third Rule on climate policy is that it takes less time to raise a child than to build a nuclear power plant.

Here is some good evidence:

The implication of this is that if we want to “save the planet” we should invest heavily in raising our children to love and understand and care for the natural word. This, requiring only a small number of intense and inspiring experiences of nature during formative years, should be cheap and quick and get a good deal of the job done.

Note: The Bustard’s Second Rule ( has been happily proven wrong – the lobbying power of the fossil fuel industry has not been sufficient to stop the “renewables revolution”. Hip Hip Horray.

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2 Responses to The Bustard’s Third Rule – kids v nukes

  1. Alicia Diego says:

    so true….

  2. It only takes a few seconds of reflection in response to thr right experience to change a persons view forever.

    I worked in the oil idustry for 30 years and was inaware of the scale of the CO2 and methane emissuons problem. Now that I know I cannot unknow it, and feel compelled to act to improve the situation.

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