The Renegade Conservatory Guy – excellent blog on climate change from one of the top people in the UK window industry

Desmog Blog – grinding down deniers

Low Carbonara – laugh-out-loud critique of climate policy

Skeptical Science – the science of climate change, clearly and authoritatively


Climate Change for Football Fans – say no more

Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air – best-selling book on sustainable energy and energy policy

Fenntartható Energia Mellébeszélés Nélkül – the above in Hungarian

How Bad are Bananas?  – the carbon footprint of everything

The Long Emergency – what it will be like when things go tits up


Creator of Bustard 2.0, Daniel Csordas, cartoonist

Painter of the original bustard, Szabolcs Kokay, bird artist

To see a bustard contact Gerard Gorman, birder


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