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Combination of EU ETS and fee and dividend

One of the most sensible ways of putting a price on emissions is the fee and dividend scheme devised by James Hansen of Columbia University.  It is also probably the most acceptable for those on the right which would prefer … Continue reading

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The revenge of Greg Gloom, Part 7: The prophecy

As no one came, Mai Wei let himself in through the blue door.  Immediately inside to the left another door: “Mrs Humpish”.  On his right next to a light switch, a piece of paper sellotaped to the wall: “Upstairs for … Continue reading

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Dreaming of tax and dividend

Tax and dividend is a policy approach proposed, among others, by James Hansen, climate scientist and activist.  The principle is described in his 2009 testimony to the Committee on Ways and Means of the US House of Representatives. The principle … Continue reading

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