Prospector sports

Having read Chris Rose’s “What Makes People Tick” I now understand better something I found at Normafa, one of the thickly wooded, hilly spots overlooking Budapest.

A big sign has gone up advertising the Mountain Sports Centre.  The sign lists and illustrates the “sports” it caters for: they are “Off-road Segway”, “E-Bike”, “Laser War”, “Team Building” and “E-Jeep and E-Quad”.

See video: IMG_7139_Normafa video

I thought calling these activities “sports” is very odd.

But having read Rose’s book, I now know that these so-called sports are being promoted to “prospectors” – people who like fashion, thrills, speed, flashiness and technology and who have no interest in nature.  It is clear.  No, they will not notice the plaintive cry of the black woodpecker above the whirr of their electric quad bikes and their excited shouting.

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