Ten policies to reduce demand for carbon intensive living and policies

Engender loathing of cars through humiliation of children whose parents drive them to school in an SUV

Induce spite for poor insulation by attaching social stigma to people with single glazing


Create a visceral loathing of driving by adding the smell of vomit to gasoline

Moderate ambition by redesigning the winners’ podium

Reduce demand for long-distance travel through a general relaxation of air safety standards

Reduce demand for carbon intensive products and services by banning their advertising

Reduce demand for meat eating through compulsory installation of abattoir videos at the meat section of the supermarket

Reduce demand for long-distant travel by informing people of the darker side of beach holidays

Create a lifelong aversion to coal by taking children coal-mining

Reduce demand for international travel by stealthily dismantling tourist attractions





















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