Ten policies to increase demand for low carbon living and policies

Today a think-tank (IPPR) published a call for a central bank to regulate the EU ETS.  You heard this back in May 2006 on the Bustard (https://www.thebustard.com/?p=457).

So here, a few years too early, are ten policies to cut emissions.  You will need to read the previous post for context.





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6 Responses to Ten policies to increase demand for low carbon living and policies

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Many a truth in jest, but here more so than most…

  2. Marcus Goldson says:

    Spot on.

  3. Francis says:

    What you are saying is spot-on. In fact what you are saying will require some kind of major political revolution to get such a change in the educational system, but it will not happen in the next generation unfortunately, despite the possibility of it resolving a wide range of issues beyond just green and sustainability.

    Our “wise leaders” have allowed Green to be become a tainted concept in western media who are simply the propaganda tools of a certain elite.

    Unfortunately most revolutions risk opening the door to far left loonies and anarchists. We need a “revolution of common sense”, of people in the political middle who are fed up of the way things are! Come on James, please start a new political party, we’ll join and support you!

  4. Tim Kirwin says:

    James – I am glad I am not the only one. Can I use some of these on my twitter account please

  5. Wonderful insights James! Your Planet Needs You!
    Maybe closer to reality now than when you wrote and drew the above almost 6 years ago.

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