Good news for the sky

Amidst a lot of bad news (extinction in Vietnam of the Javan Rhino, slaughter of 800 skylarks in Hungary by Italian hunters, shoot-to-kill search for a hungry shark in Australia), some good news came up about cutting emissions from air travel.

The broad-minded and intelligent congressmen of the United States of America have voted for a bill which bans US airlines from participating in the EU Emission Trading Scheme from 2012 and even bars US airlines from submitting CO2 data to the European Commission.

With any luck this should escalate and lead to tit-for-tat bans on occupying airspace, using landing slots, purchasing jet fuel and talking to air traffic controllers.  Shortly the sky will be quiet once again like those few days last year when the Icelandic volcano spewed its ash cloud.

As travel to and from the USA seizes up, the rest of the world might be less polluted by the idiocy, short-sightedness and selfishness which is characteristic of half of their elite.

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