A question of priorities

The UK is funding emissions trading schemes in developing countries. According to Chris Huhne: “Carbon trading is one of the most cost effective ways for countries to reduce emissions so it’s vital that developing countries have the funds to introduce their own schemes…” (Reported today by ISIS Heren)

This gives rise to several grumbles.

How does Mr Huhne know that carbon trading is one of the most cost-effective methods? Has the EU ETS resulted in reduced emissions? Has he tried any other method with which to compare cap and trade? Or his he just spouting an unquestioned orthodoxy? This is a case of being wise before the event – wise to the effectiveness of cap and trade before any event proves that.

It’s vital for a developing country to have the funds to introduce a cap and trade scheme, huh? If a country doesn’t have the funds for that, then cap and trade really isn’t going to be at the forefront of people’s minds. Water? Food? Healthcare? Come on, Mr Huhne, the emissions you need to stop are at home, not in Africa!

And the last people to show them how to go low carbon are the people whose lifestyle is the most carbon-intensive.

It looks like some bright-spark consultants, short of work in the UK, have pulled the wool over Mr Huhne’s eyes.


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