Talking crap

If you do a crap then you probably wash your hands afterwards. If you don’t wash your hands you probably won’t get ill. And if you then bump into the President in the corridor and have to shake hands with him, he probably won’t get ill either.

That you and the President don’t get ill doesn’t disprove the science of bugs. And washing your hands doesn’t imply that you have ever read a scientific document about the bacteria and viruses which inhabit faeces.

Which goes to show that the toilet is a good place to think. It is unreasonable of deniers to expect anyone but a scientist to “understand” the science. If we don’t understand it then by definition we are taking a leap of faith. So belief in climate change, oddly, is actually a matter of faith. That’s something there’s no point denying.

Now, pulling the chain is quite another matter.

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