CDM according to Matthew

The Financial Times reminded us this week that China’s foreign reserves stood at USD 1,000,000,000,000 and are growing by USD 20,000,000,000 or so a month. Point Carbon also announced this week that the Asian Development Bank had made a grant of USD 600,000 to China for developing its CDM capabilities.

Matthew 13. 10-13.

So the Asian Development Bank wins September’s prize for Enlightened Multilateral Agencies (ENEMA). Congratulations.

Who might be next to pick up this prestigious award? The World Bank for paying the lowest ever price (USD 0.0001) for a carbon credit in its Burkino Fasso HFC23 deal (also Matthew 13. 10-13)? The EBRD for its new Euro 1,000,0000,000 carbon fund for East Europe, filling in that huge, embarrassing, gap left by risk averse private sector financiers?

Perhaps the Bustard will then win the … Prix International for Shooting Sitting Ducks, usually pocketed by stout Hungarian bankers on the Puszta.

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  1. Raman Singh says:

    Hello James, This is my first visit to your companie’s web site, and i must congratulate you and your team for innovation and simplicity with which you are putting across…the obvious..which a lot of other firms wrap in “meaningful” terms.

    What you mention about China and the ADB..shows the irony

    All the best…

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