Litter in Szentendre: personal failure and policy failure

On a walk in Szentendre by the Danube yesterday, the distinction between personal failure and policy failure was clearly visible.

This is the failure of individuals to be civilised citizens:

And this:

In contrast, this is policy failure:

The combined result of personal and policy failure is this – the waste ends up in the Danube:

It harasses the wildlife:

And ends up in the Danube Delta or the sea:

A brand-new organisation, Danube Kids, is helping children along the Danube in Romania connect with nature and learn about the wonders of the natural world around them.  Hopefully it will eventually have the resources to move upstream and get to Szentendre where local children will be able to show the adults, authorities and policy makers how to do things better.

A voluntary initiative like this can overcome the bungling of authorities, the slobbishness of individuals and the competitive-paralysis of drinks manufacturers.

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