Belief economics primer

I thought I would try and write about “belief economics” using the Paper 53 app I got on my ipad…

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  1. Bob Mullan says:

    Nice illustrations, colours and, of course, message. I worry that not everyone will be able to read the text easily.

    • James Atkins says:

      With practice I will be able to get the handwriting better. It’s a job with your finger nails on the ipad screen!

  2. JHR says:

    Belief economics

    Good work Bustard. I’ve been saying for sometime that whilst there was some merit in what the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement was seeking to achieve, they were targeting the wrong people – bankers. The banks are just the plumbing, just as politicians are.

    Assuming we live in a capitalise democracy and, to paraphrase Churchill is the worst system of government and economic distribution apart from all the rest; bankers and politicians bring us what we demand. No banker has ever invested in something s/he doesn’t think will sell. No politician has ever made election promises that they don’t think will win votes. Therefore bankers and politicians are simply responding to what they think we want. They have no power to influence what it is we want.

    Therefore rather than ‘Occupy Wall Street’ we should more appropriately have a movement called ‘Occupy Main Street’, targeting us, the general public, to demand recognition of the ‘the best tree planter’ or ‘the best collector of PET bottles from the Danube’. Currently we focus recognition too much on consumption and celebrity, often without the means to pay for it.

    Therefore ‘Main Street’ need to wake up and recognise where the power lies. It lies in our hands and more importantly our wallets. For all those apathetic voters out there who feel disenfranchised or that their vote doesn’t really count, they should remember that every time we spend money we are casting a vote. And if we decide to buy environmentally or socially responsible good, bankers and politicians WILL respond to this.

    • Frank says:

      Sure, Main Street needs to wake up much more, but you are under-estimating the massively powerful force of industry to market things and ideas to people, directly via ads or indirectly through influencing the media. There is massive inertia in vested interests but somewhere out there there could be the next Steve Jobs but of the green tech industry who will innovate and take industry and people with him / her.

      • James Atkins says:

        Good point. One funny thing is that when industry comes out with a powerful, belief changing advertisement, we say wow that was a brilliant ad. But if the government does that then it is dangerous propaganda and social engineering.

        I don’t know how you deal with that one.

        For the role of media and corporations shaping our views see the previous blog on Politogen, the source of political will.

  3. Judi Garland says:

    I love this. I want the book or the t-shirt. One small problem is the if we not followed by a then….

  4. István says:

    you really should be in the communication business more seriously. It is all written very convincingly and looks really great. I particularly like the handwriting bit…it is not so easy to read, but it makes you work on it and that is good because you need time to let the simple messages sink in.
    The paintings are also quite nice, simple, but entertaining.

  5. Pal Baross says:

    james, i m glad that we met, and I am very happy that you put me on the Bustard. Youshould try your skill on illusztating children books – about suatainability.

  6. russ says:

    Very cool… I have to try this on my own… I hope you’ve been keeping your feet dry in Budapest.

  7. Andrew Tyrtania says:

    Fantastic James!
    We seem to be incredibly influenced by the media – is it time for an alternative serious daily newspaper that refuses to peddle celebrity nonsense and consumerism?
    Thanks for including me on the mailing.

  8. Frank says:

    Good stuff James. Non-doctors and non-pharmacists will struggle to read some of your text though! Here is a selection of styli on Amazon you might be interested in –

  9. Reaman says:

    Loved it, Jimbo. You should be in PR (on the right side, of course…).

  10. bollidge says:

    Hi James! We are happy to help anyone spending on renewable energy.

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