Climate Change for Football Fans

Finally my book is finished. You can order it online from:

The Book Depository



CCFFF is a serious and funny book about climate change policy. It is about Joe, a working class lad from Burnley who is mad on Burnley FC but can’t see why you’d bother worrying about climate change; and a Professor who is really into climate change policy but can’t understand why 22 men would put on shorts and canter around after a ball. They agree to spend the season together; the Prof goes to all the Burnley games and Joe listens to the Prof natter on about climate change policy. It is a vehicle for discussing climate policy in an entertaining way. I wrote it like this because most books on climate change policy are really boring and this at least makes the topic a bit more digestible. It’s green and politically incorrect.

It’s being published by UIT Cambridge, the people who last year published David Mackay’s Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air.

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