Official statement from Barclays Premier League

For immediate release

Barclays Premier League has cancelled its plans for staging one round of Premier League matches at various international venues each year.

Advisors to the Premiership have calculated that such arrangements are likely to generate additional emissions of greenhouse gasses of approximately 150,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The Premiership realises that it is irresponsible for such an influential organisation to be promoting unnecessary emissions of greenhouse gasses and apologises for not taking this fully into consideration previously.

A spokesman for Barclays Premier League has confirmed that the decision to cancel the plans is based purely on the aforesaid environmental grounds and has nothing to do with alleged objections from FIFA, the Asian Football Confederation, UEFA, and several other international footballing associations.

Press note

Emissions of greenhouse gasses are believed to be responsible for climate change.

Football is a game of two halves.

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