Greentech extra – by technology correspondent Nat Eb

Hi Readers! It’s a truly sweltering May evening in Budapest, my friends.

Mr Bush is sure sticking to his guns that technology is the only way forward. Funny, you’d think that if he was so sure about technology, it would be easy to make commitments to cut CO2.

Well, George, here is a couple of new bits of wizard high tech to hit Mrs Merkel over the head with.

Kettle with openable lid
from Doris Wallflower, cleaner (night shift), Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge, UK

You might say “while the cat’s away the mice will play!” Doing the night shift at Cavendish Labs in Cambridge gives us lots of time to “experiment” while the scientists are down at the Flying Pig. The other day we were just making a cuppa when we invented the kettle with an openable lid. It was Irene, she suddenly said “Doris, if you could peep into the kettle and see how much water you are putting into the kettle – then you would only have to put in as much as you need to boil.”

Professor Barzini says that our invention could save millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide, if people used it properly. But bye for now, it’s time for a cuppa!!

Removable leather boot
from Kevin Hog, unemployed, Long Preston, Yorkshire, UK

Other morning a were sat at ‘ome watching TV like, but it were right crap like, it were tractor pulling on Eurosport, so I tek me boot off and wang it at telly and smashed screen. It were a right laugh. Me mam couldn’t fix it, so we don’t have telly now. So we just like sit at ‘ome and like talk and do stuff and … err… sing Yorkshire folk songs. Me step dad says ‘e’s never seen electrical bill so low.

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