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Covd 19, bouncy castles and resilience.

I have written an essay on bouncy castles, Covid 19, resilience and efficiency. Mainly on resilience. Because it is much longer than normal articles, I have posted it as a pdf. BLOG_JA_resilience_20200426

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Diversity – everywhere except in the most important place

Resilience needs diversity: diversity means that if one bit of a system goes wrong, other bits, unaffected, can carry on and make up for local failure. Creativity needs diversity, too: as in the case of evolution, you need to try … Continue reading

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Practical policy to prepare for a difficult future

People say: “You have to have practical policies, it’s no use dreaming.”  Here goes. First, forget about a functioning “modern” society where everything is on tap 24 x 7.  You saw how New York functioned during Sandy.  Life will become … Continue reading

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