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Boredom in Yorkshire and sensory reset

A few days ago I was at a café in London and overheard two city slickers talking big deals.  Then one turned to the other and said: “But you know, what do you do when you get to 46 and … Continue reading

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Pelicans, sufficiency and fear of the future

How we respond to sufficiency is critical for addressing the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.  This is critically linked to education and attitudes to risk. Consider how pelicans handle sufficiency.  Of these the American naturalist John James Audubon wrote: “Pluming … Continue reading

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Boredom intolerance

“’Th’”, said Arthur Scrotum.  “As in ‘thought’, ‘thank’… Not ‘f’ as in ‘feeble’.” He found that it was always best to sort out the name thing up front. “You can blame your parents for your Christian name,” he said.  “But, … Continue reading

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