Guest post: Climate change and toilet roll

This is the first guest post on the Bustard.  It is from Anarchiman, a climate revolutionary living inside an architect living in London.

Climate change is like toilet roll

You start with a massive pack. Seemingly endless sheets tempt you to profligate usage.

Time passes and you notice that you are down to the last roll.

Even at this point, when the last roll is still full, you use more paper than you need because it seems like there is a lot there, even though you know that situation will change, you put it to the back of your mind, until you realise the toilet roll tipping point has passed and the sheets are suddenly rapidly disappearing and you switch to increasingly desperate mitigation by reducing sheet use towards 100% efficiency until its finally all gone and adaptation is the only option.

You look for kitchen roll but there is none, so you get the used tissue from your trouser pockets from yesterday. Circumstances are now desperate enough for you to remember to buy new toilet paper on the way home.

The difference with climate change is you can’t go out and buy a new roll: there is no Planet B.

This is why we need to massively reduce travelling, eating animal products and buying stuff we don’t need.



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